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13 May 2017
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08 Dec 2016
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This is Realcom,
an infrastructure & energy company.

From housing to dams, power lines to roads, Realcom enhances life by availing facilities, structures, equipment, technologies and services that are eco-friendly.

Our priority is always to serve our clients innovatively, faster, better and more cost-effectively.

We do this in such a way they attain ultimate efficiency for maximum output to achieve the highest possible productivity level.

We provide for the unexpected to enable us deliver your requirement’s within budget & on time.

Our versatility and scalability allows us to perform for whomever, whenever, wherever.

The cogs of our world don’t turn by themselves.

We see to it that the infrastructure we provide, and the energy that keeps it ticking, performs.

Headquartered in Karen, Realcom is organized into five business groups and each comprises several business units.

To learn more about our businesses, please click through the links below.


In the face of climate change, unpredictable weather, rapid development of population centers and rising living standards has overwhelmed the drinking water & wastewater installations meant to provide the public with safe and clean water.

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Construction Engineering

As a technology-driven, full-service engineering and construction firm, we serve as an extension of our customers’ staff to help plan, design, build, and modernize infrastructure that improves quality of life, promotes economic growth, enhances mobility, achieves sustainability and resiliency standards, and supports our customers’ vision.

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We convert, automate, transport and optimize energy to ensure we provide safe, efficient, environmentally sound and reliable electrical power.

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We make informational resources available anytime/anywhere needed in support of individuals & institutions goals.

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Real Estate

Our experience gives us the ability to predict and convert bespoke housing, real estate demand and drive marketing, sales & rentals.

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